Monday, June 29, 2009


ok guys. i just wanted to tell u tha,t when some one realize u r evil! what are u going to do?

hey.. human being cant escape to make the misake okay. doesnt matter who u r.. or how evil u are. but the most important is, u are sincere to make friends, even a partner. those orthodox person who thinking evil person is bad things and bad bahaviour! u just make mistake. cause. those evil person will make ur day very entertaining, they like a clown to you who make u laugh and laugh.. ngeee

not all of them are clown to you. cause it is faith. when positive attend it follow with negative.. hehe.. we must choose the rite person and rite evil.. akaka.. dont u be friends with evil!! no!! u cant be friends with evil.. haha cause evil is setan!! hahaha

but ... more but again..
what i meant evil is, those people who have negative behaviour and social life, hey. you should be friends with them because u can know what goes round with their world and life indirectly u can learn from them!!

but... hehe.. more but..
dont ever join with them when they make negative things ok. hehe avoid it!!

but.. hahaha
ok ok.. no more. but.. lastly.. let be friends to everyone.. huhu..
peace. no war!! ngeee

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