Tuesday, May 5, 2009


i do not know what happen to my feeling right now.. i felt somethining wrong. something weird. now im make some research about my job seeking for future. ( no idea suddenly i think about my future)

i have no idea to think what kind of problem i was face it through!! did i make huge mistake? or did i hurt some one? (except there is some one who inevitable huhu) i do love all my friends and my family also to my roomate they are good. nazmi and aizat i love ur guys damn hard... when ive trouble we share togheter. even rite know nazmi face huge problem about his relationship, im at his side to give some advice and opinian.

back to about my curiosty feeling.. actually im asking to myself what kind opf problem i was face it?

day to final exzam just left 2 days more.

hurm maybe my friend rite! let it go. let the bad feeling go through.. do not think about them. just ignore the bad situation and environment. i believe i can let it go! chaiyok2!! urahh!!!

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