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Director Catherine Hardwicke brings a worldwide literary phenomenon to life on the big screen inTwilight, the story of the passionate and unexpected romance between a teenage girl and a mysteriousand irresistible vampire. Kristen Stewart (Into the Wild) and Robert Pattinson(Harry Potter and the Orderof the Phoenix) star as a post-modern Romeo and Juliet in an action-filled and suspenseful adventurewith a supernatural bite.Based on the best-selling novel by Stephenie Meyer, Twilight focuses on two young lovers, sweptaway by destiny, who destroy the delicate balance between the hunter and the hunted with dangerous
onsequences. The film also stars Taylor Lautner (“My Own Worst Enemy”), Billy Burke (“24”), PeterFacinelli (“Damages,” The Scorpion King), Elizabeth Reaser (“The Ex List”), Nikki Reed (Thirteen), AshleyGreen (“Desire”), Jackson Rathbone (“Beautiful People”), Kellan Lutz (Prom Night), Cam Gigandet (NeverBack Down), Edi Gathegi (Gone, Baby, Gone) and Rachelle Lefevre (“Swingtown”).
Twilight is directed by Catherine Hardwicke (Thirteen, Lords of Dogtown) from a script by MelissaRosenberg (Step Up, “Dexter”).The film is produced by Wyck Godfrey (I, Robot; The Nativity Story), GregMooradian (Drumline, The Stepfather), and Mark Morgan (Agent Cody Banks, The Wedding Planner).Karen Rosenfelt (The Devil Wears Prada, Alvin and the Chipmunks) is the executive producer.Director of photography is Elliot Davis (Thirteen, Lords of Dogtown, Out of Sight,).
The editor is
Nancy Richardson (Step Up, Thirteen, Lords of Dogtown). Wendy Chuck is the costume designer
(Sideways). Original music is by Carter Burwell (Burn After Reading, No Country for Old Men). SummitEntertainment presents a Temple Hill production in association with Maverick Films/ImprintEntertainment. Twilight was filmed on location in Oregon.
A cultural phenomenon with a dedicated global fan base eagerly awaiting its first screen
adaptation, Stephenie Meyer’s four-book series has spent a combined total of 91 weeks at No. 1 on TheNew York Times best seller list. The books have sold 17 million copies worldwide and translation rightshave been licensed in 37 countries. There are more than 350 fan sites devoted to the series. Twilight was chosen as The New York Times Editor’s Choice, a Publishers Weekly Best Book of the Year, Amazon’s “Best Book of the Decade… So Far”, Teen People’s Hot List Pick, The American Library Association’s Top Ten Best Book for Young Adults and Top Ten Books for Reluctant Readers.
When Bella Swan’s (Kristen Stewart) mother starts traveling with her new husband, the 17-yearoldleaves her home in Phoenix and returns to live with her father in tiny Forks, Washington. After theendless sun of Arizona, Forks’ misty grey climate is quite exotic to Bella—as are her new classmates, the
Cullen family. Impossibly good-looking and extremely private, they are unlike anyone she has ever met—in more ways than she realizes.
The Cullens are a family of immortal blood drinkers. For decades—centuries for some of them—
they have disciplined themselves to consume only animal blood, living the vampire equivalent of a“vegetarian” lifestyle. They hide under the Olympic Peninsula’s cloudy sky, living as normal a life aspossible and keeping to themselves to protect their secret.
Bella becomes especially fascinated with Edward Cullen (Robert Pattinson), but her new
classmate keeps her at arm’s length. In truth, his attraction to her is overwhelming and he fears that his3 vampire nature will overcome his self-control. Bella is the soul mate he has searched 90 years for, but her scent threatens to send him into an uncontrollable feeding frenzy.
Unable to resist spending time with Bella, Edward reveals himself to her in the hope that his
secret will repel her, but the teenager only becomes more infatuated. Soon the young couple is
inseparable and Edward’s internal struggle intensifies in the face of Bella’s consuming desire to becomeone of them.As Bella discovers more about Edward’s world, she throws herself headlong into a thrilling andterrifying romance, attracting the attention of a group of nomadic vampires who lack the Cullens’squeamishness about human blood and target her as their next victim.

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